CALL US: 301-467-4609
CALL US: 301-467-4609


Who can I help?

Are you super busy and just can't find the time to plan your travel experience?
Have you visualized the perfect experience but become overwhelmed with all the research and details involved with planning the actual trip?
Are you running in circles from the online chatter?
Have you planned a trip exactly like one a friend did, but your personal experience did not meet the hype?
Have you planned what you considered the perfect experience, then life happens and you are not sure what to do to salvage your trip, sanity and or money?
Do you want a person who takes the time to listen and truly understands the experience you seek without having to repeat it whenever you reach out with a question?
Are you planning a group trip and frustrated trying to get everyone on the same page?
If you answered yes to any of the above then you need to work with a travel consultant/advisor

Benefits of working with me

Reclaim your time - the details of your trip are in the hands of a well-traveled professional.
Insider information - I travel often for business and personal; therefore I can share valuable and accurate information with you   #IGoSoYouKnow
Start to finish - I am your advocate from the initial consultation throughout your entire trip. Should "stuff" happen you have access to an actual person. No one wants to waste time with automated systems for resolution.
Convenience - Payment plans and affordable down payments are available for most trips.
Personalized experience - I invest time in you listening to you therefore I can advise what works for you.  Everything is not for everyone so based on our discussion I'm confident you will be happy.

Value - I will work with your budget. Value is tied to what you identify as important to you. I will advise if adjustments are needed.


Passionate about travel - Your experience is treated with the same care and attention that I give my personal trips,

Where to next.....


"Destinations For You...Make travel your habit!"

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